The origin of life
February 22, 2020

In the beginning, there was nothing. Not even blackness and then Woman created light to show where life could go. She created life and grew it in her womb. Gave birth to Earth, the Sun and th...

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Geekhouse bikes
August 20, 2008

Massachusetts-based Geekhouse Bikes has developed a fantastic process that can apply any custom digital graphics to the frames of their fixed-gear bikes. I must get me a sweet batik-bike… and...

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City Stickers
August 1, 2008

City Stickers, originally uploaded by . This is a cool picture I've found through A great blog to follow on bicycles in de Danish capital.... Maybe we should c...

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February 1, 2008

Ze noemde mij een woordenkunstenaar en liet zacht mijn woorden haar ogen strelen. Als een ochtendbries die komt aanrollen van over de weidse prairie en stilletjes de geur van zoete bloesems in...

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Mike Burrows Bicycle Designer
January 12, 2008

Mike Burrows shows his bikes off from recumbent rider on Vimeo. I first met Mike Burrows on Cyclevision 2007. He really IS the bicycle designer I look up to. One day I'll create my own re...

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The man of a thousand stories
November 9, 2007

The man of a thousand stories had dissapeared from the face of the planet again for a while. Why, he wasn't sure anymore. Maybe to resource he's energies spend on too many nights awake, thinki...

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Ze is zo trots
October 15, 2007

Ze is zo trots mevrouw,wanneer ze lieflijk zachtme in 't Nederlands aanstraardZe is zo lief meneerwanneer ze uit volle borststruikeld over gramaticain die vreemde taalZe is een wereld op zichz...

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