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Weekly links 08/17/2019

How can we redesign mobility and transport services around people and place? Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

Weekly links 08/23/2019

Uber and Lyft: Every study of what they do to San Francisco traffic - Curbed SF Physical activity of electric bicycle users compared to conventional bicycle users and non-cyclists: Insights based on health and transport data from an online survey in seven European cities - ScienceDirect Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

Weekly links

LADOT Technology Action Plan Cities attract disruption in mobility and remain its centripetal force, building streets and related infrastructure, developing their operating systems and the supporting policies that today we know as the modern surface vehicle transportation system. However, the side effect of decades of highway construction and associated land use decisions has created inequities in cities, where one’s zip code determines one’s ...

Weekly links 08/30/2019

What is "Microtransit" For? — Human Transit MobilityHubGuidelines.pdf tags:NXTMobility mobility data Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

Fragmenten van de ideale Vrouw

Ik vul mijn dagen en mijn nachtenmet fragmenten van de ideale vrouw.Soms ben jij het die die rol vervulten soms een ander.Soms ben jij het, in al je hoedanigheiden soms gewoon in gedachten. Jij zijn jullie allemaalIk hou van jouIk hou van jullieFragmenten van de ideale vrouw. Ik vloekIk dansIk drinkIk slaapMet jullie in gedachtenAlle letters van het alfabetjullie vrouwelijke krachten. Ik verheerlijk jullieen vervloek jeIk hou van jouIk hou van jullie...

Linkdump Diigo: SUMP & Cities of the future

City of the future(s) - YouTube "The city of the future promises to brim with smart solutions and innovative tech, from autonomous cars to flying taxis. But are current developments in the urban space shaping the city of the future that we want? Philippe Crist, Advisor Innovation and Foresight at the International Transport Forum, explores this question in this 20-minute lecture. Philippe presents the keynote address, dealing with the role of bicy...

Daily links 07/31/2019: MDS, GBFS and privacy

The privacy risks of compiling mobility data | MIT News "A new study by MIT researchers finds that the growing practice of compiling massive, anonymized datasets about people’s movement patterns is a double-edged sword: While it can provide deep insights into human behavior for research, it could also put people’s private data at risk. Companies, researchers, and other entities are beginning to collect, store, and process anonymized data that ...

MaaS studies

KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis | Mobility-as-a-Service and changes in travel preferences.pdf Het KiM onderzoekt deze vragen, in opdracht van het ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat (IenW). In een uitgebreid onderzoeksprogramma verzamelt het KiM bestaande kennis en nieuwe inzichten, onder andere door enquêtes en literatuuronderzoek. In de eerste verkennende fase van het onderzoek voerde het KiM een uitgebreid l...

Look ahead and don't look back

Look ahead and don't look back Take the steps you need to take. Look ahead and do forget what you had in your head. Look ahead, don't turn around the bridge is burned there's now way back. Dream your dreams and move ahead Do your dreams and fear them not.

Volkwagen's Electric Bike Folds Up To Size And Shape of Spare Tire : TreeHugger

Volkswagen has rolled out a very slick electric bike that folds up neatly into a small circular package that fits nicely into the trunk of a car. The big question is, why? One website suggested that it was for riding to the phone or the gas station if you got a flat tire, which is pretty silly. In fact, VW might be on to something here. They call their dreadfully named "EV Bik.e" a "mobility enhancer." If you can get by the insane dancing intro, you...